Home Builders Institute, Inc. Receives $102.8 Million to Provide Career Technical Training for Job Corps by Tressa Dorsey

On March 28, 2018, the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration announced that Home Builders Institute, Inc. was awarded $102.8 million in funding to provide Career Technical Training in the areas of Electrical, Facilities Maintenance, HVAC, Plumbing and Landscaping to young adults enrolled in Job Corps.

The contract was historically a sole source opportunity which lead to HBI contacting us to assist with developing a comprehensive and competitive response. The TAD Grants team worked closely with leadership at HBI to establish the key elements of existing program activities and areas that would be built upon to improve service delivery and job placement. “From the moment we contacted TAD Grants seeking their assistance writing a Request for Proposal (RFP) it was obvious they know exactly how to approach, format and word it. They immediately took the lead learning all they could about our organization and our history providing construction trades training and placement services for underserved youth. From there they constructed and worded the proposal in the exact format and language DOL required. The result, a five-year grant that enables HBI to continue its 45 year history with the Job Corps program." Keith Albright Vice President of Job Corps

We are proud to have played an integral role in securing this level of funding for such an outstanding organization and look forward to working with HBI in the future!

Six Counties in Northern California Receive CBSC™ Training by Tressa Dorsey

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Sacramento Employment & Training Agency hosts Regional CBSC™ Training!

Funding provided through the California Workforce Association's Training Institute is supporting the delivery of Certified Business Services Consultant™  training for over 30 Workforce Development Professionals spanning six counties in Northern California. Over the course of two days attendees learned the skills and competencies required to become the primary resource for businesses in their communities.  The CBSC™ process focuses on the needs of the business, building strong relationships and gathering data to develop sound marketing campaigns among other critical practices. 

With the addition of these six counties, TAD Grants has delivered this training to members of over 35 separate workforce areas in the United States. We are proud to be setting the national standard for business services delivery for the Workforce Development Industry!

Our next CBSC™ Training will be held in Durham, NC June 14-15, 2018. If you are interested in learning more about the CBSC™ training and certification requirements, click here or contact us. 

Congratulations Prince George's County: Grant Awards from DLLR! by Tressa Dorsey

TAD Grants is always happy to collaborate with innovative performance driven organizations. Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation Workforce Services Division is a prime example of one of these organizations. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Walter Simmons, GCDF they have brought in over a million dollars in 2018 and are just getting started! The grant writing team here at TAD Grants is proud to have written for and been awarded close to half a million of those funds. The collaboration with Prince George's County is not just on grant writing but on extensive professional development training. This is lending to the overall strategic plan to build capacity and have the trained professionals to execute the grants effectively. This is one contributor to the success in serving job seekers and businesses throughout their county. Congratulations to the Prince George's County team we are excited to continue helping build capacity and provide more services to you community! 

DLLR Competitive Grant Proposal (CGP) for Local Workforce Development Areas For Training Projects in Highway or Capital Transit Construction Skills (HCCT)

Award Amount: $224,827

The Prince George’s Construction Works Program (CWP) will connect job seekers with multiple barriers to employment with training that leads to employment in the high-demand highway construction and transportation occupations. Approximately 45 job seekers will be enrolled in the program and will receive training to enter the following occupations: Construction Laborer, Carpenter, Commercial Painter, Heavy Equipment Operator, Electrician, and Welder.

Participants who successfully complete skills training will be connected with work based learning experiences, including registered apprenticeships, subsidized work experiences, on-the-job training and customized placement assistance

Targeted populations include Prince George’s County residents who are:

  • Displaced Homemakers
  • Ex-Offenders/Returning Citizens
  • Individuals facing Substantial Cultural Barriers
  •  English Language Learners
  • Unemployed (including Long-Term Unemployed)
  • Individuals with low Literacy Levels
  • Individuals without a High School Diploma
  • Low-Income Individuals (Including TANF and SNAP Recipients
  • Disconnected Youth age 18-24

DLLR Competitive Grant Proposal (CGP) for Local Workforce Development Areas for Demonstration Projects in Career Pathways and Co-Enrollment of WIOA Title II Students into Title I Programs

Award Amount: $249,408

Prince George’s County Workforce Services Division will partner with the International Refugee Committee and Prince George’s Community College to  provide specialized workforce services to English-language learners (ELL) to create and align career pathways into the Construction Industry through the Prince George’s County Construction Works Program (CWP). Participants will have opportunities to enter career pathways into the construction trades by receiving both basic skills instruction and construction skills training that integrate English as a Second Language (ESL) course instruction with pre-apprenticeship and occupational skills training leading to employment.

30 participants will be provided with Basic skills instruction that includes ESL instruction in combination with training for the following occupations: Residential or Commercial Painter, Brickmason and Blockmason, and Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician.

Participants who successfully complete skills training will be connected with work based learning experiences, including registered apprenticeships, subsidized work experiences and on-the-job training.




Maryland Workforce Association Raising the Bar: Aaron Leson Presents... by Tressa Dorsey

We are incredibly excited to be take part in the Maryland Workforce Association Raising the Bar Annual Conference April 19-20, 2018. We have had the pleasure of working with many of the local workforce areas in Maryland and see this is an excellent opportunity to meet with many more. 

We will be co-sponsoring a Directors Meet and Greet which will provide a wonderful opportunity for the local board and state leadership to come together, relax, network and share ideas and future plans for their workforce system. 

Stop by our booth and find out about our services or just to say hi! You can also attend a valuable workshop led by Aaron Leson, Director of Training and Development! 

Investing in Tomorrow's Leader, Today!

Friday April 20, 2018

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Through this workshop you will discover the best practices associated with being a strong manager and leader.  This will prepare you to be better suited in leading and motivating your team as you work towards achieving fantastic results.  To have this kind of success, a manager/leader has to have a wide range of skills.  Leadership is an attitude reinforced with the competencies to deliver results. Whether you are currently in management, leading a project or a team or seeking the knowledge you need to move up in your career; this workshop is designed to assist you in identifying and developing those skills to allow you to become the best manager/leader you can be.


TAD Grants En Puerto Rico! by Tressa Dorsey

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TAD Grants was honored to be invited to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico back in August of 2017. We were scheduled to arrive on October 4th to conduct a two day grant writing and professional development workshop for PathStone Corporation. Mother nature had a different plan. Within the same week Hurricane Maria struck the island rendering it helpless. Phones, electricity, water, homes all gone. Over the next few months PathStone Corporation leadership, Jeffrey Lewis and Luayda Ortiz were able to communicate with our team sporadically as systems came back on line, slowly. 

When we rescheduled for February I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. What I found was that the island was in different phases of recovery, some areas doing better than others. Some people and places that will never be the same as the last time I was there.

What I did find that inspired me beyond expectation, was an amazing group of dedicated and committed members of an outstanding organization that showed up ready to learn the keys to securing future funding to serve their communities. Over the course of two days we went over the four key elements of a strategic grant writing process, how to engage partners in program efforts and how to reach out and recruit new employer partners. The level of focus this group had during our time together left me with no doubts as to why they are as successful in their endeavors. It also made it clear that this is the type of spirit and commitment that will ensure that the people of Puerto Rico will recover and thrive. 

TAD Grants will continue to support PathStone in its efforts to provide the highest quality professional development training to its staff in order to assist in promoting successful workforce activities and business services. Thank you for making us part of your team! 

SouthEastern Employment and Training Association Spring Conference! by Tressa Dorsey

Join us a the SouthEastern Employment and Training Association conference March 18-20, 2018. 

Tressa Dorsey, CBSC, GCDF- President of TAD Grants will be presenting in two separate workshops. 

Partnering with Purpose

March 19, 2018 11:00am                              

No matter how strong, competent or productive your organization is you will always need to focus on building partnerships. Not partnerships that are required necessarily, but those that are built for the purpose of achieving very specific outcomes. The way we determine which partnerships we build, how we build them and why are determined through comprehensive evaluation and strategic planning. Often times we find ourselves with partnerships that aren’t moving the needle toward goal attainment or you find your organization or theirs not adhering to agreements and commitments. The workshop is intended to engage board members, leadership and key personnel in both discussion and activity based presentation in the process of building sustainable and intentional partnerships. Focus areas will include ideas for developing shared work space, promoting accountability and common communication guidelines. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to use tools to evaluate current partnerships and identify potential new partnerships
  • To understand the key components of developing a sustainable partnership by establishing a shared purpose
  • Best practices for developing collaborative processes to build capacity

Organization Capacity Building

March 20, 2018 11:00am

Many organizations find themselves in a precarious yet very exciting position when a Funding Opportunity Announcement is released. Increasing the quality and quantity of services and serve more individuals is in alignment with the mission, but not always in alignment with where you are organizationally. Capacity building is more than having a savvy grant writer tell people what you “could” do. It requires a good hard look at your entire organization, leadership, talent, partnerships and infrastructure. It’s not a matter of desire, we all share the desire and belief that people and businesses in our community benefit from our services. Unfortunately, desire alone will not lead to meeting your outcomes and maintaining fiscal compliance. This is why it is imperative to review your current strengths and plan for the future.

This workshop will highlight key points in determining if your organization is prepared to grow; how to ensure your infrastructure will support the rigorous tasks of meeting performance and managing grants. Growth spurts are expected but can only be sustained through constant evaluation and planning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Common reason organizations are not prepared to implement and manage grant programs
  • Strategies for evaluating the organization and developing a plan for building capacity
  • Best practices for developing infrastructure and talent to support rapid organizational growth
  • Understand how to improve grants management processes to improve sustainability

Business Services Consultant Certification Workshop in LAS VEGAS! by Tressa Dorsey

 TAD Grants announces their first Two Day Business Services Training and Certification Workshop of 2017!

Join us on April 13th and 14th in Las Vegas for this dynamic training that is designed to provide Workforce Development Professionals, Economic Developers, Education and Training Professionals with the skills and strategies they need to deliver high quality, customer-focused Business Services.  

This workshop will also equip attendees with tools that will enable them to deliver Business Services effectively and efficiently, enhancing outcomes as well as customer satisfaction. 

Areas of focus include:

·      A step-by-step approach to addressing the core needs of businesses, including recruiting, onboarding, training, and retaining employees 

·      The facilitation of impactful referrals that connect businesses to the assets and resources available throughout their communities, regions and states

·      Transforming Business Services teams into high achieving, demand-driven consultants focused on customizing services to meet business needs 

·      Assisting businesses to discover the principles of career pathways and to adopt and develop career pathways within their own organizations

·      Meeting Federal and State WIOA guidelines for business services and professional skill enhancement 

HOTEL GROUP DISCOUNT RATE $90 per night (plus taxes & fees) 

Registration Fee | Payment for registration covers the two day training course and certificate fee. All other costs (travel and accommodations) are the sole responsibility of the registrant.  
Hotel Group Discount Rate | Receive a discount code with completed registration.
Cancellation Policy | Cancellation requests can be submitted to Tressa Dorsey (tressa@tadgrants.com). A $75 cancellation fee will be applied to all refunds. Registration fees are non-refundable for cancellations made 30 days or less prior to the training start date. TAD Grants reserves the right to transfer registration fees on an individual basis and when training space is available. 

Next Stop, CHICAGO! 2016 Youth Development Symposium by Tressa Dorsey

Tressa Dorsey and Aaron Leson will be facilitating the Youth Outreach & Recruitment Workshop at the 2016 Youth Development Symposium in Chicago, Illinois. Reaching the target population of a program for young people is often easier said than done. As the expectations become higher and more specific, the quality of outreach and recruitment efforts become vital for timely outcomes and goal achievement. Falling behind on recruitment expectations and timelines, negatively impacts project development and staff morale. This workshop will provide participants with specific guidelines for assessing, refining and/or improving efforts, such as; 

  • Develop an action plan outline for their own program based on group activities designed to learn how other projects conduct outreach and recruitment across the country; 

  • Learn how to evaluate partnerships and identify what types of partnerships can be strengthened to improve referral pipelines; and 

  • Identify and exchange best practices to bolster tangible action steps and clearly link those actions steps to desired outcomes.

Register online and download pre-symposium workshop details HERE.

TAD Grants now offers a certified GCDF Training Program by Tressa Dorsey

As many of you know, TAD Grants has been working diligently for the past eight years building the most comprehensive array of services and professionals to meet the needs of the Workforce Industry.  In an ongoing effort to provide the services and training opportunities that are in the highest demand for our clients, we are incredibly proud to announce that we are now offering the National Career Development Association’s (NCDA) Career Development Facilitator Training program (GCDF). 

TAD Grants welcomes newest team member, Aaron Leson! by Tressa Dorsey

As part of this new and exciting expansion TAD Grants has the good fortune to welcome our newest team member, Aaron Leson.  Aaron will now hold the position as Director of Training and Development and comes to our team with a long history in both education and workforce.  Since 2011, Aaron has held the designation as a Master Trainer for the NCDA’s Career Development Facilitator Training program as well as earning a certification as a Business Services Professional (cBSP) from Michigan State University.  Aaron’s passion for teaching and his ability to communicate in a relatable and enjoyable manner with diverse audiences make him a natural leader and facilitator. He focuses his content on well researched, data-proven solutions that are both transferable and customizable to companies of all industries and disciplines. Aaron holds a Bachelor Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  To find out more about TAD’s Team and how we can assist your organization, please contact us. Welcome Aaron!!