TAD Grants En Puerto Rico! / by Tressa Dorsey

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TAD Grants was honored to be invited to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico back in August of 2017. We were scheduled to arrive on October 4th to conduct a two day grant writing and professional development workshop for PathStone Corporation. Mother nature had a different plan. Within the same week Hurricane Maria struck the island rendering it helpless. Phones, electricity, water, homes all gone. Over the next few months PathStone Corporation leadership, Jeffrey Lewis and Luayda Ortiz were able to communicate with our team sporadically as systems came back on line, slowly. 

When we rescheduled for February I wasn't sure what to expect when I arrived. What I found was that the island was in different phases of recovery, some areas doing better than others. Some people and places that will never be the same as the last time I was there.

What I did find that inspired me beyond expectation, was an amazing group of dedicated and committed members of an outstanding organization that showed up ready to learn the keys to securing future funding to serve their communities. Over the course of two days we went over the four key elements of a strategic grant writing process, how to engage partners in program efforts and how to reach out and recruit new employer partners. The level of focus this group had during our time together left me with no doubts as to why they are as successful in their endeavors. It also made it clear that this is the type of spirit and commitment that will ensure that the people of Puerto Rico will recover and thrive. 

TAD Grants will continue to support PathStone in its efforts to provide the highest quality professional development training to its staff in order to assist in promoting successful workforce activities and business services. Thank you for making us part of your team!