TAD Grants is an Approved Vendor for the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency by Tressa Dorsey

Effective January, 2016 TAD Grants has received approval to be a registered vendor for the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA). We are very pleased that we were selected to provide Professional Development training to the SETA team. The implementation of WIOA is changing the the way that workforce development professionals serve our job seekers and how we monitor and track our outcomes. We are looking forward to providing the high quality training opportunities that will help SETA and its line staff and managers continue their growth in the areas of:

  •  Ex-offender Employment Preparation and Placement
  •  Employer Engagement
  •  Effective Case Management
  •  Mentoring
  •  Conflict Resolution
  •  Time Management
  • Partnership Development
  • Resource Mapping
  • Data Management
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Follow up and Retention
  • Program Design and Administration
  •  Grant and Proposal Writing

Being able to work with an organization that is so dedicated to the economic growth and employment of those in Sacramento is truly amazing. We are excited to be able to contribute to SETA's ongoing success!


TAD Grants is excited to be a vendor at the 2016 NAWDP Annual Conference. We will be located at booth #102 and look forward to learning about many of the 1,000 professionals that will be in attendance. President, Tressa Dorsey will be presenting two sessions during the conference. See you all in beautiful Orlando, Florida!

Date and Time:  May 25, 2016, 11:00am - 12:15pm

Workshop Title:  Start Strong to Stay Strong: Maximizing Outreach and Recruitment Efforts

Workshop Description:     Reaching the target population of grant awards is often easier said than done. It is not unusual for awardees to be a year into grant implementation and struggling with a lag in enrollment. As the expectations of grant solicitations become more and more specific, the quality of outreach and recruitment efforts become vital for timely outcomes and goal achievement. Falling behind on recruitment expectations and timelines, negatively impacts project development and staff morale. A corrective response to the problem can be found in outreach and recruitment practices. A focused effort on these initial phases of service delivery will greatly reduce the problems of lagging enrollment and subsequent requests for grant modifications. There is a tendency to lump these two functions together. Although they are over-lapping and similarly focused on enrollment, there are subtle differences in how they should be designed and implemented. It is essential to get things right from the beginning. This workshop will explore the similarities and differences of these complementary, but clearly different, processes and provide participants with specific guidelines for assessing, refining and/or improving them. 

     Date and Time:  May 26, 2015, 10:30am-11:45am  

Workshop Title:  Building Dynamic Workforce/Business Partnerships

Workshop Description:     Major disconnects continue to inhibit the partnerships, collaboration, and integration of the systems essential to meeting 21st century world of work challenges. Evolving from WIA to WIOA is another attempt to provide solutions to problems of disconnection, dysfunction, and a lack of dynamic partnerships between Workforce Development, Business and Industry, and our Educational Systems. Studying the outcomes of well developed, functioning projects and examining the steps that created their success can provide understanding of dysfunctions and disconnects in general, as well as provide strategies for growth and change. For instance, we have learned that language and communication styles are critical concerns in attempts to integrate systems, as well as the clarification of goal definitions and expectations and assuring their alignment. Additionally, at the point of project implementation, systems must go beyond collaborative behavior and develop an interdisciplinary team approach to their interactions. This workshop will draw knowledge from two 21st century business endeavors, where workforce and industry successfully collaborated and produced outcomes favorable to both. What behaviors contributed to success and why? What and how were specific workforce strategies implemented? Emphasis will be upon how business leaders were engaged and how all the systems worked together for the common good.


Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps Receives $1.1 Million YouthBuild Grant by Tressa Dorsey

TAD Grants is pleased and excited to announce that our client Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC) was awarded $1.1 million from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration to deliver the YouthBuild program in Sacramento, CA. 

Writing the grant for SRCC and helping to establish the partnerships with Northern California Construction Training, Inc. and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento  was a rewarding endeavor. Made only better by knowing that young adults 18-24 years old residing in the City of Sacramento will receive their H.S. Diploma, pre-apprenticeship vocational training and direct linkages to the Trade Unions. Education and Employment are the pathways out of poverty for these young adults and TAD Grants is ready to continue supporting SRCC in the implementation and execution of the YouthBuild project over the next three years. 
Congratulations Sacramento Conservation Corps!