Renew Credential for Certified Business Services Consultant™ (CBSC™) Certification

TAD Grants’ Certemy Credential for CBSC™ Renewal Certification Process

The Certified Business Services Consultant Certification must be renewed every two years on or prior to the issued date of the year that the certification expires (this date will coincide with your Certemy platform registration). You are required to complete and document 20 hours of continuing education over the following 2 years after registration.  The system will guide you as to the timing and content of what you can count towards continuing education. The cost is $75.00 (paid at the end of your 2 years), which will be paid once your 20 hours are verified by TAD Grants.

TAD Grants is inviting you to Certemy, our new platform we are using to help manage our certification, testing, and compliance programs. This system will track your documentation that allows recertification.

Once you complete the form below to join our Certemy system for renewing your Certified Business Services Consultant Certification, within 48 hours you will receive an email from TAD Grants’ Certemy to complete your registration.  There is no fee to complete this registration.

Click here if you are already registered with TAD Grants' Certemy and want to complete a recertification.

You may upload documents for proof of training to your Certemy account anytime during the two-year timeframe. Renewal process instructions may be downloaded by clicking this link:  Renewal Process Document

If you have any technical difficulties with creating your student account, please contact our support team at

CBSC Renewal