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Workforce and Career Development Certification Training

The Workforce and Career Development Certification Training (WCDC) course covers fundamental workforce development competencies and skills required for the effective delivery of high-quality career development services. WCDC training is built upon three nationally accredited and industry recognized certifications.

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Certified Business Services Consultant™

TAD Grants is pleased to offer Certified Business Services Consultant™ (CBSC) Training. This dynamic training is designed to provide Workforce Development Professionals with the skills and strategies they need to deliver high quality, customer focused Business Services.

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Customized Training

  • Grant Writing: Providing quality customer service begins with a quality internal customer service design that can then spread to external customers. Core areas discussed are how to foster both internal and external customer service, building strong relationships, communication and developing a customer bill of rights.  Read More

  • Building Sustainable Partnerships:  This training is designed to provide tools for evaluating existing partnership, strengths and challenges, strategies for developing a focused plan to build new partnerships, gain an understanding of how to foster strong relationships to meet performance measures and how to leverage partners to improve service delivery.  Read More

  • Customer Service Design and Delivery:  Providing quality customer service begins with a quality internal customer service design that can then spread to external customers. Core areas discussed are how to foster both internal and external customer service, building strong relationships, communication and developing a customer bill of rights. Read More

  • Career Case Management: A Bi-Level Approach:  Bi-level management requires both line staff and leadership to be accountable for the customers experience. Service delivery is guided by line staff and supported by leadership though policy guidance and development. This training provides information on how to implement a bi-level career case management system.  Read More

  • Conflict Resolution: Conflict is inevitable and in some cases very productive. This training focuses on the individual’s behaviors and attitudes toward conflict. Providing tools and strategies to utilize conflict as crucial component for growth and change.   Read More

  • Career Advising & Case Management Training:  Becoming an effective Case Manager equipped to offer career coaching or advising services requires collaboration among line staff, leadership and partners. Case Managers in workforce development are responsible for guiding job seekers through a system and what may be the most important decisions of their lives. This requires a very clear understanding of your role and responsibility as well as a complete grasp of the tools and resources needed to effectively and efficiently serve job seekers.  Read More

  • Managing Change: Behaviors, Attitudes and Outcomes:  All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks and live our lives. Skills obtained will include the keys to developing a strategy to implement change, behaviors and attitudes associated with change and methods for leading change project meetings to achieve the desired outcomes.  Read More

  • Re-Thinking Re-Entry: Mindfully Meeting Outcomes:  This training explores the design of re-entry programs, from implementation to outcomes, utilizing best practice models from around the country. Most re-entry projects are time sensitive, requiring multiple facets of a program to come together in a short period of time to achieve maximum efficacy. Facilitators will address four key areas of re-entry programs including: Recruitment, Partnering with Corrections/Law Enforcement, Case Management and Retention. Each component, if designed and executed with purpose, will improve successful attainment of key outcomes. Read More

  • Leadership Development:  Through this workshop you will discover the best practices associated with being a strong manager and leader. This will prepare you to be better suited in leading and motivating your team as you work towards achieving fantastic results. To have this kind of success, a manager/leader must have a wide range of skills. Leadership is an attitude reinforced with the competencies to deliver results. Whether you are currently in management, leading a project or a team or seeking the knowledge you need to move up in your career; this workshop is designed to assist you in identifying and developing skills to allow you to become the best manager/leader you can be. Read More

  • Career Development: Strategies for Serving Individuals with Disabilities:  Becoming effective in your role serving individuals with disabilities, requires integration with both Vocational Rehabilitation and the Workforce Development system with collaboration among leadership, partners, and staff to deliver efficient, effective, and empowering career development services to individuals with disabilities to increase quality employment outcomes. Effective Career Practitioners must promote early engagement with clients to streamline career plans/pathways, barrier reduction, and the development of employment plans to help individuals achieve their employment goals.  Read More


Analysis & Development

There is a small leap one can make from being good at what they do and being great at what they do. The key to making this leap is receiving the professional training, support and tools to move to a higher level of achievement. TAD Grants has a multitude of training courses that are customizable to meet the specific needs of the professionals within your organization.

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Grant Writing + Project Management

The TAD Grants team is experienced in successfully obtaining multi-million dollar grants for public, private and government agencies. We are skilled in the research and development of federal, state and philanthropic grants. But we don’t stop there, we offer a full service package to ensure you get the funding and keep the funding through experienced project management.

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