Business Services: Pandemic, Recovery and Renewal Series

With the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have witnessed our local, national, and global economies begin to crumble. Businesses are shuttered, idle, or operating at reduced capacity.  Millions of Americans are adapting to “Work from Home” life, learning how to home school, and navigating a “new normal” rife with uncertainty and almost constant change.

While we are still unsure of what post-pandemic life might look like, one thing is certain: Businesses will need our help.  As certified Business Services Consultants, now is our time to shine and fulfill our roles to the absolute best of our abilities– our communities depend upon it.

To make sure you are ready for this challenge, TAD Grants has put together a three-part series designed to equip today’s Business Services Consultants with the tools and “know-how” necessary to serve businesses during these turbulent economic times.  During the course, we will examine topics such as:

  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Layoffs, Closures and Downsizing
  • Talent Pipeline Coordination
  • Problem-solving and Solutions
  • Knowing Your Resources (Community Orgs. and Economic Development)

Format:  Interactive online seminar.  There will be 3, 1-hour online classes, and all course materials will be provided to attendees for their use.  There will also be an online discussion board available to all students throughout the course.  Additionally, TAD Grants will offer a 15-minute one-on-one session with each participant to provide custom content and guidance for situation-specific needs and/or unique challenges.

Course Layout (click the syllabus links on the right for each webinar):

#1:  What Happened, where are We Now, and What Can we Do?

#2:  Planning, Resources, and Readiness

#3:  Talent Pipelines and The Way Forward

Business Services: Pandemic, Recovery and Renewal Series

1 year of access

Instructor Led
Earn 5 Continuing Education Hours for CCSP, GCDF, and CWDP credential holders.

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