Webinar One: The Foundation of Working with Persons with Disabilities

This live webinar/training will be 2.5 hours in length and will provide live instructor-led training. It will cover the best practices for providing career development when working with those with disabilities through our four-step process (the story, assessing, planning, placement and retention). It will briefly review the advanced techniques of building strong, healthy working relationships with clients and employers.

Step One: The Client’s Story

  • Establishing the relationship
  • Strength based strategies to overcome barriers to employment
  • Using employment and educational history
  • Identifying areas of competence and overcoming client resistance

Step Two:  Assessing the Client’s Career Development

  • Foundations of Career Assessment

Corresponding Reading: Preparation is all covered in the webinars.

Webinar Two: Career Planning, Development and Pathways

This live webinar/training will be 2.5 hours in length and will provide live instructor-led training.  During our time together, we will explore the role of Assessment for PWDs and utilizing career assessments to develop comprehensive employment plans with a focus on interest inventories and Person-Centered Planning tools.

Step Two: Assessment Instruments and Approaches

  • Utilizing Career Assessments to Develop Comprehensive Employment Plans
  • Interest inventories, Person-Centered Planning, Life Design tools
  • Practice with case studies across different disabilities

Corresponding Reading/Resources:

My Career Story Universal Reading

My Career Story Universal Tool

CCI Tool

Skills Triangle Handout

What Works Tool

Supplemental Resources (we likely won’t discuss these but they are great for further study)

Life Design Theme Mapping Guide

Life Design Manual

Action Theory of Career Assessment for Persons with Chronic Illness or Disability Chapter

Career Genogram Chapter

Webinar Three: Planning, Placement and Workplace Success

This live webinar/training will be 2.5 hours in length and will provide live instructor led training.  The last live training will focus on addressing the unique challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities in the workplace.  During this time, we will examine strategies to improve Job Seeker’s confidence, self-awareness and motivation.

Step Three: Career Planning

  • Career Decision-Making Process
  • Strategies to improve Job Seeker’s Confidence, Self-Awareness and Motivation

Step Four: Placement and Retention

  • Career Planning and Pathways
  • Placement and Accommodation Strategies for PWD

Corresponding Reading:

Career Disability Disclosure Info Guide

JAN Spotlight Series: Job Seeking

At the successful completion of all Masterclass courses and webinars, each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by both parties (TAD Grants and SG Enable).

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