Career Development Forum – ADEK 3

Instructions:  Create an original post and describe the major groups of people with whom you work and the backgrounds from which they originate. Identify the key resources that you use with this group.  Then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

Remember that our learning group works in a full-value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

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  1. dcampbell2 says:

    In my role as Workforce & Career Development Administrator, I work with a diverse group of employees. They can be categorized into three main groups:

    Entry-Level Staff: New to MDTA with diverse backgrounds, they need foundational career readiness training and goal-setting guidance.

    Mid-Career Professionals: With several years of experience, they seek career advancement and require advanced career mapping and skills development.

    Supervisors and Managers: In leadership roles, they need guidance on leadership and management skills and tailored career development plans.

    I assist these groups in enhancing their career readiness, creating career maps, and developing personalized career plans.

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