Career Development Forum – Seattle

Instructions:  A customer makes an appointment with you to find work. The individual needs assistance with housing and meals.

Answer these questions:

1. To whom in your local area do you refer them for this assistance?

2. What techniques have you found especially helpful to use in an intake interview to discover barriers that a customer might be facing? Describe 1-2 techniques you use that work well for you.

Make one original post and then respond to 1 team member’s post. You will make a total of two posts. For your original post, responds in a paragraph or two for the 2 questions. For your 2nd post, respond in several sentences.

Remember that our learning group works in a full-value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

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  1. xuanc says:

    1, I will referral client to Seattle Housing Authority
    SHA Housing
    Admissions for Low-income Public Housing and Seattle Senior Housing
    Fax: 206.239.1770

    2.My clients mostly learn from online mock interview , they can prepare the interview questions or answers.
    Internet, client can learn the basic information from organization website , prepare their question in advance.

    1. naimowyusuf says:

      Referring clients to the Seattle Housing Authority is a thoughtful choice, considering their focus on low income public housing and senior housing. This provides a solid pathway for addressing the housing needs of the individual seeking assistance. Additionally, I think leveraging online resources for mock interviews is a smart approach. Preparing clients with mock interviews not only helps them feel more confident but also allows them to anticipate and refine their responses to common interview questions. Encouraging the use of the internet for research on potential employers is another excellent strategy. This empowers clients to gather valuable information about organizations, demonstrating their interest and preparedness during job interviews. Combining these approaches not only addresses immediate needs but also equips clients with valuable skills for their job search journey.

  2. naimowyusuf says:

    When a client seeks assistance with finding work and expresses concerns about housing and meals, I would refer them to the Housing Stability Team and Rapid Rehousing services in our local area. These services are essential for addressing immediate housing needs and providing support for securing stable housing in the long term. Additionally, I would recommend connecting with the United Way of King County, specifically their Emergency Food System, to ensure the individual has access to necessary meals during their job search and beyond.

    In an intake interview to discover barriers that a client might be facing, I’ve found that creating a supportive and open environment is crucial. Using active listening techniques helps build rapport and encourages the customer to share their concerns more openly. Moreover, incorporating open ended questions allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the challenges they may be encountering. This approach helps in identifying not only immediate needs related to housing and meals but also potential barriers to employment that may require additional support.

    1. hstapleton says:

      The resource for the Emergency Food System is a good suggestion. So many of us are not able to supply food assistance and most think DSHS is the only option.

  3. hstapleton says:

    Our organization can supply eligible participants with relocation and/or rental assistance and we also try to find additional resources that may be available. Some examples are Catholic Community Services, St. Vincent de Paul, Urban League, and Salvation Army. For food benefits, we would refer them to DSHS.

    We have a list of possible barriers that we ask about during intake and make a plan to address them. If there are things they need assistance with that we can’t address, we may offer alternative options that we can cover which would free up their personal resources to be put towards that need.

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