Career Services to Multicultural Populations Forum – Sept2023

Instructions: Create an original post and describe the major groups of people with whom you work and the backgrounds from which they originate. Identify the key resources that you use with this group.  Then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

Remember that our learning group works in a full-value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

One thought on “Career Services to Multicultural Populations Forum – Sept2023”

  1. wpeluso says:

    Within our work, we oftentimes work with marginalized groups of individuals due to the fact that oftentimes marginalized groups also experience barriers to employment or success. Additionally, these coincide with individuals socioeconomic status, housing status, employment status, etc. I’m very fortunate in this job to work with many different types of individuals, and I really enjoy how diverse the groups of individuals we work with are. Due to this diversity, we utilize a lot of different resources for these groups. Specifically, we connect clients to internal resources such as OVR to help them with securing employment with their specific disability.

    Also, I ensure that all services I provide are culturally competent and relevant to these individuals. I really enjoyed in the chapter about how it talked about implicit bias, and how we all should recognize how our own multicultural competence comes out in our career development sessions with clients.

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