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Instructions: Instructions:  You have been asked to help design a career assessment program for your students. What are one or two assessments [formal or informal] you would use with your students? Make one original post and then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

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  1. Aaron Leson says:

    Aaron Leson is the best…

  2. amal.alawadhi says:

    What assessment I will use for my students or clients:
    It depends on the case I have. But generally, it would be SDS from Holland Traits and factors theory.
    Either for individuals or groups.
    If I am working with MOE or ESE, I would choose a formal assessment posted from their side, which is made especially for Grade 9 – 12 students called occupational aptitude scale. since it’s used to help the client make effective career decisions making and understand their barriers. Because it is a standardized one that would be helpful to more understand the client’s needs and skills.
    If I have the choice, I will choose informal inventory because it is less stressful on clients. Therefore, I would choose to help me collect data about the client, Survey through online if he/she have the ability to use their mobile. or via paper if I want to measure different skills in advance. that might be working with be but not with my colleagues which will open a discussion session of argument which best to use. Or I might use some websites that provide free tools of assessments to encourage my clients to learn about using googling for future reasons. They might use it with me today, but tomorrow they maybe advise others to use the same website, and during our conversation assessment this might be an opportunity to advice others to visit the same counselors or not to visit based on the session feedback.

    1. amal.alawadhi says:

      Waiting for other colleagues to post their comments so I can reply on them.

    2. mariam.almaisary says:

      Amal I agree with you ,to use the assessment it depends on the situation and the age and culture of the student.
      Informal assessment cannot completely replace formal assessment. We need both, because they complement each other.

  3. alyazia.ralneyadi says:

    I prefer to use an informal assessment for examples (interviews and card sorts). This will help me to understand the students and know the strengths and weaknesses .

    The reason why I don’t prefer to use a formal assessment because many students become nervous when taking formal assessments and may underperform.

    1. najat.alshabeebi says:

      I agree with you these are easy to access and also will help the students to understand their strengths and skills.

  4. mariam.almaisary says:

    Making assessments are done daily by everyone. For me I prefer Informal assessments with my students, like observation, interview , card sorts and checklists.
    Because :
    * They are practical and useful tools which can give a great amount of information.
    * They will usually be fun, relaxed, and students won’t necessarily think of them as scary tests.
    * They are based upon knowledge, training, skills, education, and experience.

    In general it does not conflict with what to use formal assessments or informal assessments it depends on the situation.

    1. wadhasanhat196 says:

      I agree with mariam.

      Normally informal assessments will catch the students attention. And they can feel safe to say the true answer. But as mariam mentioned choosing between formal or informal assessments depends on the students personality and situation.

  5. Shamma.shamsi says:

    I would use informal assessments with my clients , like personality tests. this will give me an insight on their personalities and what they are interested towards

    1. alyazia.ralneyadi says:

      I strongly agree with you ‘shamma.

  6. maha.basuwaid says:

    I do think that both are important and each one of them is serving a certain path and purpose. For instance, I will be using informal assessment like interviews and personality test to guide the students towards their interest, passion, skills. However, the formal assessment is important as well since it’s mandatory when applying to university admissions such as SAT, IELTS, Tofel exams and, so we need to put on mind that both assessments are serving a certain purpose and we need to prepare our students for both of them. Each assessment complete the other

  7. amal.alawadhi says:

    Well, I think that both are important. If it is formal or informal assessments. But, on the other hand, during implementing a formal assessment as a counselors, this will need other process under consideration.
    1. Registration and enrolled with related formal tasks.
    2. It might be over-cost if a big number of clients engaged with it.
    3. Having ethical approval to be conducted especially with students.
    Informal assessments:
    1) Ethical approve is compulsory for clients under 18
    2) There are multi tasks can be made with clients
    3) Experience & knowledge is needed from counselors to apply it on their clients, analyse and explain for them
    4) So, at the beginning of my career I think this would more empirical to use, quick, cheap, and almost accurate.
    To give credibility to counselors profession at the environment he is working with.
    This is my perception.

    1. nouf alali says:

      I really agreed with the” students need to feel that they are not judged ” that will bring relief and comfort to express, talk , and interact .

  8. wadhasanhat196 says:

    I would like to design the career assessment program for my students by using both formal and informal assessments.
    I’ll start with informal assessments like card sorts. The student will feel comfortable and safe and we will get a chance to have a small chat. The student will understand that he/she will not be judged.
    The second assessment will be a formal assessment which is Traits and factors theory by Holland. The result is easy to read and explain to the students and they can imagine their next best career design.

    1. iman.alhashmi says:

      I like the idea of using both Assessments; of course if the situation allows it. This would give more in-depth knowledge and broader understanding.

  9. iman.alhashmi says:

    I believe any tool has it’s pros and cons. However, If I get to choose I will go with Informal Assessment like Card Sorts. This is due to its numerous benefits; like the client is comfortable and not stressed out and feels that there is a right or wrong answer. This will result in credibility of their answer.
    In addition, if offers them to explore their priorities by categorizing it from high importance to low importance; which is done through reflecting on their current career status and deciding what they look for.
    Another benefit is that it gives them an insight about their preferences without any external intervention.

  10. Aaron Leson says:

    Ladies, to this point, you have done a marvelous job on these posts. Very good insight and thoughtful. Great work.

  11. Haleema Abdulla Hassan Alrumaithi says:

    For my student in age 15-18 as A career counselor I prefer to use informal assessments like o*net because in this age they like to have the result immediately which keep the student excited.

  12. nouf alali says:

    we as a counselor should be aware of the student’s age first, which allows us to provide the right assessments
    most of the time the easiest way is to use ” informal assessments tools ” such as card sorts, that help students identify and prioritize their career skills or values and expand career options.

  13. naltamimi1 says:

    In my opinin, I prefer informal assesment because I think it comfatable for my students, and to find out strengths, improve weaknesses, and help them identify their :
    1. Skills
    2. Career path
    3. Education level

  14. najat.alshabeebi says:

    You have been asked to help design a career assessment program for your students
    As a counsellor one of the important expectations is to help students to decide their next steps. Formal and informal assessments will be a good choice to support student’s decision making. If I was asked to help in designing a career assessment program, I would work on both kinds formal and informal to have assessments that suits UAE culture, future expectation, job requirements and more. I believe we are in need to resources and assessments that would guide our students in different ways for their future jobs which will help accomplishing the UAE centennial goals for 2071.

    What are one or two assessments [formal or informal] you would use with your students?
    Both formal and informal assessments are important because formal assessments are designed according to research studies and finding supports the reliability and validity of these assessments. While informal assessments are useful to determine the students interests and skills. Both formal and informal could be used in the same time to support and help the students on choosing their next steps.

    So, to decide on what I would use with my students It will depend on many factors for instance:
    • The case of the student.
    • The availability of formal assessments by the organization I work for (it needs budget)

    The easily access for me now are informal assessments therefore I would prefer to use (interviews, observation, sort cards…..

  15. fatima-as.almenhali says:

    I believe it first depends on the situation and the age and of the student, as well as his/her academic level, especially if I will choose formal assessments as my main tool. However,I agree with some of my fellow counselors that informal assessment cannot completely replace formal assessment, as we need both, because they complement each other and go hand in hand in assisting us to get to know, understand and try to better guide/advise our students. Furthermore, each type has different benefits for our students, as informal: helps the client understand more about his/her interests, skill-sets and values. And the formal assessments assists students in getting into their preferred university/college , by completing the requested assessment for enrolling, such as: the IELTS, Toeffel, SAT , AP, EMSAT, ets.

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