ADEK – Career Development Services for K-12 Students

Instructions:  Create an original post and describe the major groups of people with whom you work and the backgrounds from which they originate. Identify the key resources that you use with this group.  Then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

Remember that our learning group works in a full value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

22 thoughts on “ADEK – Career Development Services for K-12 Students”

  1. amal.alawadhi says:

    Creating a post to describe the major groups of people with whom I work and the background from which they originate. I have to prepare an executive plan and fill with data that help in distributing the work among colleagues. Then, send this plan to principal to have the approval and start implementing the plan as require. lol
    I had to describe the work to all staff school and students to increase their readiness for the big event. Post on school social media which is official all what can encourage and enhance their level of understanding for the program. For example: all school subject were integrated with this type of task. Art, students must use their art work and skills combined with the 4 aspect of career opportunities (discover, plan, search & decide). IT and design subject transfer their task assessment to build it with the career activities. This help the students to be more engaged with the classes positively. We have some assistance from school Nurse abut here job and how she can encourage students to select their preference and transfer their major towards nursing. And for other subject, I had to ask Language teacher to modify their students writing skills to write about what they wish to become in future and why they have to choose this major? What are their plan for the future?

    Moreover, I had to arrange field trip to some colleges to increase students awareness about future job in conjunction with the celebration of national career at school and universities.

    UAE is hosting the 8th interface of education exhibition at Emirates of Abu Dhabi, this gave my the idea to take this chance to motivate students about their future job.

    Additionally, I had to create videos, roll up, orientation with cooperate of stakeholders and shareholders and much more to develop the readiness of both students and parents about future jobs.

    1. mariam.almaisary says:

      Amal I agree with you about the important of school trip because :
      – School trips are very important to raise students’ awareness of future careers.
      – It gives them many social skills.
      – It help them to now more about the future careers.

  2. najat.alshabeebi says:

    1. Based on the students you serve, identify, and briefly explain 3 career readiness or career exploration activities you could implement within your school.

    I must briefly explain 3 career readiness or career exploration activities that I can implement in the school which are based on the student’s stage (Students Grades K-5, or grades 6-8, grades 9-12). However, because I work as lead principal with different schools’ cycles and as ESSC Manager, the implementation will be different.

    As a cluster leadership team, we requested a clear action plan from the counsellors in the cluster schools in away it serves the whole cluster (8 schools). The action plan included goals to raise awareness on different levels such as (staff, students, and parents). There were different tasks to support school community such as one to one consultation sessions, registrations in different programs and exams as requirements for graduation, parents as partners, early guidance for grade 8 to choose the right stream, regular follow up programs, visiting different universities and exhibitions, school career exhibitions and focus group sessions.

    As ESSC manager we must work with partners from inside and outside the ESE to implement different career exploration activities such as volunteering, career exhibitions, career calendar, career/job week guidebook, and more.

  3. mariam.almaisary says:

    Conducting a free zoning activity will be the best practice for students’ “future career”, the activity will include different zones in each zone a career will be presented to the students to practice with other children the work in these zones should be independent and for a period of time after that, the student will be free to visit another station or to remain at the same zone he/she chose from the beginning. all the zones chosen in this activity are according to a survey filled by the students time ahead.
    This program can be start from grad 5 .

  4. mariam.almaisary says:

    Before design a program for students, career counseling, teacher, and management have to collaborate to define goals and deliverables, budget and time periods, and also with Private and government institutions collaborators to provide training opportunities for our students.

    For grad 9 – grad 12 :
    • Practical training is important for all students because they put into practice the skills and ideas learnt in class. They are credit bearing, and therefore essential in order to graduate.
    • Not only do these internships enable students to start their career with greater ability and confidence, but also provide them with the opportunity to establish important contacts with a growing network of industry professionals , And get to know the job closely.
    • A 4-week training, during which the student gets to know the future career closely , And take the necessary experience.

    For KG – grad 5 :
    For example
    • Conducting a free zoning activity will be the best practice for students’ “future career”, the activity will include different zones in each zone a career will be presented to the students to practice with other children the work in these zones should be independent and for a period of time after that, the student will be free to visit another station or to remain at the same zone he/she chose from the beginning. all the zones chosen in this activity are according to a survey filled by the students time ahead.
    • Career Day : All students wear the clothes of the future profession with an explanation of the reasons for choosing this career.

    1. amal.alawadhi says:

      I like both ideas from Najat and Mariam Almaisay as well.
      I would like to add some comments on Najat’s option first. as she has mentioned that there must be a plan and focus on the outcome that will reflect on G 8 students. Actually, from my work experience, I can say we already have a clear plan for g 8 elective streams. we must interact directly with their plan and raise their awareness about future paths based on their streams. we have been provided with a full covered program that we (as a counsellor) must introduce to students and parents starting march for every academic year.
      on the other side, students are being engaged with other stakeholders and entities about streams from our schools. but I think as a counsellor, students need to go back to volunteering hours added to their credit starting grade 9 until 12. since it will build many skills and add more experience to them. Moreover, students in the forgotten zone are G 9 and 10. they need to be involved with an extra level of career programming. in addition, all programs must start from mid of September until mid of May every academic year.

      as per for Mariam Almaisary,
      I like her idea of a career zone. the way students will be more engaged and participating within these zones. the knowledge they will gain I think will reflect their way of thinking, working, engagement, and become creative, future leaders, and learning how to work with groups more effectively.

      finally, this is a small space of writing and I think sharing the ideas through discussion sessions will be more effective and collaboratively.

      I like all your effort Najat and Mariam, but the more we think, work and share as a group the more effective we can be and it will make a difference.

    2. alyazia.ralneyadi says:

      I totally agree with you Mariam , that practical training is the most important activity that help students to ‎Develop understanding of the needs of the job market and reaching ‎this understanding successfully.‎

    3. wadhasanhat196 says:

      Thank you mariam for the great activities ideas.

      I love how you point out the importance of the training periods on students’ personalities. In the workplace confidence and social skills are really important and it needs to be built from a young age.

      Moreover, I like that students from KG to grad 5 can express their own thoughts on their future during career day.

  5. alyazia.ralneyadi says:

    The activities that help students learn about careers:
    – Attending the symposiums and conferences will absolutely help the students to go through broader spectrums.
    – Job shadowing.
    – let the students to join volunteering programs.
    – The mentoring from professionals and speeches from achievers will make the students clear-headed.
    – The scheduling and managing the seminars for the students from variety of speakers will help them to choose their professional path.
    – The students can listen to multiple experts at conference and choose the most resonating previliage.
    – Use O’net Assessment will help students to figure out and discover their occupational interest .

    1. mariam.almaisary says:

      Alyazia I liked the mentioned points .
      And they are very suitable for students from grades 9-12.
      I think that a lecture from someone who has lived through the experience of searching for a job and choosing it will be very inspirational for the students.

    2. najat.alshabeebi says:

      Thank you Al yazia, I had an idea from the students listening to multiple experts. For instance we can let students watch shows and YouTube channels that related to career counselling , after reviewing the content by counsellors to decide if it is suitable to our context or not.

    3. nouf alali says:

      Thanks alyazia , your ideas were clear and understood, you been mentioned the most important tools that would help the students for their next career steps.

  6. wadhasanhat196 says:

    Career exploration activities for Grade 9 – Grade12 :

    – Job shadowing: Allows students to observe different job tasks and what the exact skills they can learn and need.
    – Volunteering activities: Students can gain and improve many skills like communication and social skills that help them to explore the workplace.
    – Trips to universities: Will give the students an overview of each college and major.

  7. Mariam-Y.Alhammadi says:

    At the school we should consider and plan for the activities based on the student’s stage. I was working on career day and we plan to make it funny and benefits to the student and parents.
    The benefits career readiness or career exploration activities to helping students explore career opportunities through fun activities. 
    * Gives students broader exposure to the working world
    * Improves the attitude of students about career opportunities, motivating them to aspire to their dream careers
    * Helps students envision how they will fit into the world

    Career day activities
    Teachers invite parent and guest to share their career experiences with their students on career days. Visitors, usually parents or community members. For example, we set up stations in the room where presenters show their daily activities and students move from station to station and ask questions.
    Career posters activities
    Brainstorm with students different careers that sound interesting. Then we ask your students to think of one they would most enjoy and why and have them create posters about the career they choose. Then display the posters around the room or give them to the students to take home.
    Career student trips
    trip with students to different jobs , airports, police and hospital other businesses so students get to see behind the scenes at some careers they find exciting.

    1. maha.basuwaid says:

      I liked the idea that we can involve parents in the Career Activities since parents play a significant role and impact on their child choices and path for future. In addition, involving them will bring to their attention the importance of Career exploration and the early stage of identifying the choices and career path for their children

      1. naltamimi1 says:

        I agree with you, the parents should involve in these activities and in decision-making process

  8. maha.basuwaid says:

    There are a variety of activates that students can do to widen their knowledge about career exploration; however we need to do it on a strategic way. We need to identify the group (Grade9-12), and we need to choose the suitable and right tools and resources that are culturally and academically relevant. There are so many ways such as the below:
    -Conduct a career workshops on a weekly or monthly basis that each workshop introduce a different field in the market and its requirement, skills needed, jobs that can be pursed, and others. Different fields such as engineer, healthcare, Art,..etc
    -Do different assessments and skills identifications such as O NET and other websites
    -Job shadowing and internships so students can have a real life experience
    -put the students through project based programs such as developing an APP or creating your own business, such projects can enhance their skills and widen their knowledge about those fields so students can figure out if such filed suits them or not.

    1. iman.alhashmi says:

      I like the idea of having a day to explore a different field in the market.
      This will provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of the job rather than having a brief as they will talk to different people from the industry. Also, it will expose the students to a rang of jobs that they didn’t think of before.
      Moreover, it is an opportunity for networking and exchanging contacts.

  9. iman.alhashmi says:

    I work with students from Grade 9 to 12 (High School)
    Exploration activities can be:
    1. Influencing students through sharing Real Career Stories from current employees. This can be done though mini videos which will include their current career, describing a typical day, the soft and hard skills they need, etc.
    2. Joining Programs or Internships to closely shadow practitioners and understand their jobs in reality rather than having an assumption that might not be true.
    3. Visit colleges and universities to have discussions with students and professors to understand the majors and answer their enquiries.

  10. naltamimi1 says:

    I work with grade 12 students, and my task is guide them to registration in higher education institutions and scholarship to study abroad. So I prepare the Academic Counselling. Also I prepare for their counselors similar program to help and guide students to registration in higher education institutions and scholarship to study abroad. in this program, I invite the Higher Educations Institutions to present their study programs, Admission Criteria, the study type, scholarships, career opportunities and every single things like transportations , campus and students life. I trust that this program will save effort and time for the student to make the decision and choose higher educational institutions and programs that suit the:
    1. student’s study path
    2. student’s skills
    3. student’s career goals

    Also I prepare the Students Guide booklet to facilitate the decision-making process
    And I participate in the Exhibitions which are Related to the above

  11. nouf alali says:

    The students on grade “ 9-12 “ They are in a transitional phase and a selection’s for their future majors .However, One of the most important activities and tools that will help them determine their career specialization is to :

    – visiting the campus and enter one of the teaching classes .
    – Providing educational workshops on the specializations offered by universities.
    – Take tests that help determine career interests and inclinations such as “ IQ test “

  12. fatima-as.almenhali says:

    Based on the students you serve, identify, and briefly explain 3 career readiness or career exploration activities you could implement within your school:
    1- Delivering Career Guidance workshops sessions, with experts talking about their Career path
    2- Providing informal assessments for students to learn more about themselves, interests and skill-sets
    3-Offering job shadowing or internships , to give them visibility on the nature, tasks and environment on their different preferred occupations and let them later decide if it fits their expectation

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