ADEK – Career Development Services for K-12 Students

Instructions:  Create an original post and describe the major groups of people with whom you work and the backgrounds from which they originate. Identify the key resources that you use with this group.  Then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

Remember that our learning group works in a full value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

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  1. amal.alawadhi says:

    Creating a post to describe the major groups of people with whom I work and the background from which they originate. I have to prepare an executive plan and fill with data that help in distributing the work among colleagues. Then, send this plan to principal to have the approval and start implementing the plan as require. lol
    I had to describe the work to all staff school and students to increase their readiness for the big event. Post on school social media which is official all what can encourage and enhance their level of understanding for the program. For example: all school subject were integrated with this type of task. Art, students must use their art work and skills combined with the 4 aspect of career opportunities (discover, plan, search & decide). IT and design subject transfer their task assessment to build it with the career activities. This help the students to be more engaged with the classes positively. We have some assistance from school Nurse abut here job and how she can encourage students to select their preference and transfer their major towards nursing. And for other subject, I had to ask Language teacher to modify their students writing skills to write about what they wish to become in future and why they have to choose this major? What are their plan for the future?

    Moreover, I had to arrange field trip to some colleges to increase students awareness about future job in conjunction with the celebration of national career at school and universities.

    UAE is hosting the 8th interface of education exhibition at Emirates of Abu Dhabi, this gave my the idea to take this chance to motivate students about their future job.

    Additionally, I had to create videos, roll up, orientation with cooperate of stakeholders and shareholders and much more to develop the readiness of both students and parents about future jobs.

  2. najat.alshabeebi says:

    1. Based on the students you serve, identify, and briefly explain 3 career readiness or career exploration activities you could implement within your school.

    I must briefly explain 3 career readiness or career exploration activities that I can implement in the school which are based on the student’s stage (Students Grades K-5, or grades 6-8, grades 9-12). However, because I work as lead principal with different schools’ cycles and as ESSC Manager, the implementation will be different.

    As a cluster leadership team, we requested a clear action plan from the counsellors in the cluster schools in away it serves the whole cluster (8 schools). The action plan included goals to raise awareness on different levels such as (staff, students, and parents). There were different tasks to support school community such as one to one consultation sessions, registrations in different programs and exams as requirements for graduation, parents as partners, early guidance for grade 8 to choose the right stream, regular follow up programs, visiting different universities and exhibitions, school career exhibitions and focus group sessions.

    As ESSC manager we must work with partners from inside and outside the ESE to implement different career exploration activities such as volunteering, career exhibitions, career calendar, career/job week guidebook, and more.

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