ADEK Cohort 2 – Career Development Services for K-12 Students

Instructions:  Create an original post and describe the major groups of people with whom you work and the backgrounds from which they originate. Identify the key resources that you use with this group.  Then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

Remember that our learning group works in a full-value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

13 thoughts on “ADEK Cohort 2 – Career Development Services for K-12 Students”

  1. samah.qaid says:

    The major group of students we deal with are from the Charter Schools educational system, the majority of our students are Emirati nationals, followed by children of Emirati mothers and gulf citizens. We have a very minor number of students who do not fit this criterion, but our admissions only target this group. The grades in which they belong to is elementary and middle schools, only a handful of schools have high school which is only up to grade 10. The main key resource is effective relationships since most of the people who are working in charter schools are coming from abroad, I think understanding the community, culture and tradition is an important aspect to being able to provide the students with the right advice and guidance.

    1. amorsy says:

      I totally agree with you, as many of our students face difficulties in dealing with teachers.

    2. bshayer.almahri1 says:

      I totally agree, bulding strong relationship is helpful to build a safe community for students in the school.

  2. amorsy says:

    We work in the charter schools, which receive most of their students from government schools and a smaller number of the private school students , where there are multiple categories of students, most of the students are UAE locals, but there is a small group of children of female locals, also the foreigners but they are the least number.
    The obstacle that exists between most students and teachers is language, so many students face great difficulty in dealing with teachers.
    We do not deny the role of many teachers who try to convey information in a simple way to the students, but some of them still cannot comprehend what is being proposed by the teachers.

    1. samah.qaid says:

      Language does seem like a barrier since most of the students who are currently enrolled in our charter schools were in a public-school curriculum which does not have a high number of subjects taught in English. In addition, the teachers in charter schools mainly speak English as a first language so their patience and skills will reflect in the way they are able to deliver their message to the students

  3. Mohammed.Alyahyaee says:

    1- Watch promotional films about some jobs during recess time.
    2- Designing a drawing competition for the future job of each student in partnership with the drawing teacher.
    3- Inviting some parents from different jobs to talk and promote their jobs.

    1. mona-ji.alhosani says:

      Great examples Mohammed, especially engaging the parents in the process

    2. theaysha16 says:

      totally agree with you Mohammed , However, because I used to deal with Kindergarten and cycle one , the movies could be interest for students.

    3. bshayer.almahri1 says:

      I liked those three tips it helps students to explore theirselves and their hobbies and what to be in future.

  4. Mohammed.Alyahyaee says:

    I agree with you regarding the quality of students, as well as the diversity of teachers, which helps to exchange customs between peoples and explain some of the Emirati etiquette, customs, and traditions to make it easier for them to understand the nature of Emirati society.

  5. mona-ji.alhosani says:

    As Abu Dhabi Scholarship Employee, I deal with high school graduates from different school systems. The majority come from schools that already had enough career development sessions with them. Mainly they come from private schools and their parents are half Emirati and half foreign, and some are from the Applied Technology Institute Emirati students, and they have most of their classes in English, others are from government schools, but they scored very high and that’s why they are accepted in the scholarship program. Hence, language is not a barrier. They are about the same level in terms of language but have different backgrounds and different thoughts.
    The resources that I could use should suit adults in a one-to-one approach.

  6. bshayer.almahri1 says:

    I am working with students in grade 5 and 6 boys and girls. They are all from private and charter schools educational system. The majority of students are Emirati and few of them from gulf. The key resourse used to deal with these students is an active listening and buliding a strong relationship with students and use positive and negative reinforcment.

    1. bshayer.almahri1 says:

      In addition, three career readiness tools we can use to help our students in explore theirselves. First of all, we can use assessments and display career workshops where each exceprt present about their field to the students, Secondly, prepare trips for students to attend exhibitions so they can gather enoght information about each career or unversitiy. Thirdly, session with students to talk about their concerns about each career or university and help them to undestand themselves and present for them the strengths and weakness.

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