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Instructions:  You have been asked to help design a career assessment program for your students. What are one or two assessments [formal or informal] you would use with your students? Make one original post and then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

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  1. melineh.kocharian says:

    I would do one informal and one formal. The informal would be what they want to do or what their interests are. The second would be formal testing such as WorkKeys etc. Assessing the formal test results can help guide the person in the right direction. People succeed at what they are good at. When you are good at something you enjoy doing it.

    1. lfrasca says:

      Hello Melineh,

      Work Keys is a great resource for participants. Assessments like these can help identify where a participant may need help or more assistance. Assessments that help a participant see what areas they would excel in, creates a mindset of success and gives them a sense of accomplishment. These tools are a great resource.

    2. ibecerra says:

      Hi Melineh,

      I agree with your statement that people succeed at what they are good at and when you are good at something, you enjoy doing it. The WorkKeys assessment is a great tool that highlights an individual’s job skills in reading, writing, mathematic and essential skills. The pros of WorkKeys assessment can overall benefit individuals with career placement and increase their opportunities with career change and professional advancement.

  2. lfrasca says:

    An informal assessment I would use for my participants would be card sorts. I would specifically utilize the Interest Profiler found on O*Net. This assessment has about 60 questions and a participant can answer based on how they feel on the prompt given (agree to disagree). Once the assessment is completed, O*Net will give a list of different job opportunities based on the results and give data on the success rate as well as income for that role. It also breaks down what is needed for the role, for example, education, experience level, etc. With this O*Net assessment, a participant can get an idea of what they want to peruse career-wise based on their passions and likes.

    1. rlopez says:

      Hi Liz,

      I agree with you I think the O*net Interest Profiler is a great tool for not just clients but for everyone to use. It’s a great way to see what job opportunities are out there based on what a client answers.

    2. erica.lomeli says:

      ONet is definitely a great assessment to help participants identify what career path they want even for us to take so we can understand it when they are taking it and explaining the results to them.

  3. ibecerra says:

    If I had to design a career assessment program for my participants, I would use the personality inventories category through the formal assessment. For the assessment, I would conduct an interview questionnaire with volunteers from either job employers or training providers. In these interview questionnaires, volunteers from actual employers and students from training schools will present a series of questions based off their experiences with the desired job occupation. I believe that this assessment can be most accurate when asked from individuals that are in the actual job/training setting. For example, interview questionnaires regarding training programs in specific occupations will allow the participant to gain insight on which training schools will best suit their needs like training setting, training material, schedule, workload, and the overall structure of the training program. I believe the same goes with interview questionnaires regarding the employers’ perspective. If the participant is asked a series of questions regarding work setting, work schedule, work information, and overall structure, it would make it easier for them to decide an appropriate career field.

  4. rlopez says:

    I would do a formal assessment for example the O*Net Interest Profiler can help a client see what jobs they will succeed in most and what to do to obtain that job. I would also use an informal assessment for example I would do a questionnaire to see what their interests are.

  5. erica.lomeli says:

    An informal assessment that I would use is a checklist with skills to check off with what applies to the participant. The formal assessment I would implement is TABE or WorkKeys but to see if the participant can comprehend the basics of English, Math, Reading in order to be successful in the training that they want to pursue.

  6. Luis.guillen says:

    I would use an informal and formal assessment for instance informal would be completing the objective assessment, and finding out what the participant are good at, and what traits/experience they have that could potentially match with a career. The other assessment would be formal, where they take the Traitify personality assessment that can match them with a career at the end base on their interest.

    1. elizabeth.molina says:

      Hi Luis,
      I like your response because it highlights the importance of an in-depth objective assessment and it shows that accompanied by a formal assessment we can better assist our participants in finding employment where they will be successful.

    2. terri.balderas1 says:

      I totally agree that both assessments assist in knowing the client and also assist in the client to get a visual of where they are at. This builds a great foundation for growth.

  7. elizabeth.molina says:

    I would use a combination of formal and informal assessments to have a better understanding of my participants. I would use the O-net personality test because although it is informal, it would give me a good understanding of the interestest of my participants at that given time. I would also complete a formal assessment such as WorkKeys, to ensure that the participants will be a good fit for the field and position of interest.

    1. jsilvarojas says:

      Hello Elizabeth,
      I agree that the ONET personality test does give a good understanding of what the participants want and I would also want to incorporate an assessment like the WorkKeys assessment that way we can know more in-depth about what a participant is interested in.

  8. jsilvarojas says:

    If I had to design a career assessment for my participants I would incorporate both formal and informal assessments. The type of formal assessment that I would use are abilities test such as Work Keys. Work Keys allows the participant to see what type of abilities they have the greatest strengths. Another formal assessment would be the personality test because it would allow participants to gather what type of environment they work best with. I would use these types of assessments for those participants who are unsure about what type of training they are interested in. The type of informal assessment that is used is the card sort because it would allow imagery and the use of a kinesthetic style. Participants would be able to sort out and create a list of the interests they are interested in. These assessments would allow participants to easily choose their greatest abilities.

  9. terri.balderas1 says:

    I would utilize both informal and formal assessment. We start with informal of creating a checklist of what a person has as in training certifications, strengths, weaknesses, family support system, what resources are they currently working with, what has worked, what has not worked, what’s the overall long term goal Formal assessment that I have used and still use is the Tratify personality test. Employers request this as well. open the clients eyes to other strengths in different career options they didn’t realize they had.

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