Assessment Forum – October 2023

Instructions:  You have been asked to help design a career assessment program for your students. What are one or two assessments [formal or informal] you would use with your students? Make one original post and then respond to one classmate’s post. You will make a total of two posts.

3 thoughts on “Assessment Forum – October 2023”

  1. howesm says:

    The career assessments that I would choose to use with my clients would both be formal. I would choose to use, Interests Inventories and Career beliefs/thoughts/levels of decidedness. By combining these 2 instruments the clients would be able to identify careers that match their interests, and they would also be able to find out how ready they are personally. It would allow them to do some self-reflection to help identify some possible internal barriers that may come up within the career exploration or decision-making process. They may realize that they are not mentally or physically able to do the career in which they are wanting to pursue. It may make them realize why their past jobs may have not been the best choices for them. They need to be able to be successful in their career choices.

    1. ryan.mowery says:

      Having a self-reflection definitely seems like a good idea. Being able to reflect on yourself can help with that decision making process of choosing a career . As you said before, this can help them realize why past jobs did not work for them and that is a big part of the self-reflection. I also chose to do formal assessments because I like the results that come from them and how reliable they can be. I liked how you touched on internal barriers because that is important to know when choosing a career.

  2. ryan.mowery says:

    The career assessments that I would use for my students would be a personality and interest inventory which are both formal assessments. I would use formal assessments for my students because these types of assessments can take less time and have more validity than informal assessments. One thing I would explain is the way to get accurate results is to be honest with answers. The personality inventory can help students find their personality types which can help them find careers related to their personality. For example, if a student scores high in the extrovert category then it will give them careers that have more social interaction than an introvert would get. The interest inventory gives students careers that match their interests. The questions on this assessment range from working with construction, technology, people, businesses etc. This can help a student who may not know what they want to do by giving them a wide range of career questions like do you see yourself working with people or do you see yourself working outdoors? This assessment will help filter out careers that they less interested in.

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