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Instructions:  A customer makes an appointment with you to find work. The individual needs assistance with housing and meals.

Answer these questions:

1. To whom in your local area do you refer them for this assistance?

2. What techniques have you found especially helpful to use in an intake interview to discover barriers that a customer might be facing? Describe 1-2 techniques you use that work well for you.

Make one original post and then respond to 1 team member’s post. You will make a total of two posts. For your original post, responds in a paragraph or two for the 2 questions. For your 2nd post, respond in several sentences.

Remember that our learning group works in a full-value environment: We treat our colleagues with respect and professionalism. Our comments should reflect this culture.

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  1. v-esanders says:

    1. For housing assistance, unfortunately there are not a lot of options. In Norristown, we have a day shelter available at the Hospitality center, but unless other factors like domestic violence, mental health, or parenthood are a challenge, our county shelters are full. For food pantries, I use DHS to find a local pantry and share locations and information for the person to search for a pantry themselves.

    2. While asking the person what brings them here, sometimes they share additional challenges they’re facing. If not, I ask who they have to support them during their career transition. I also ask straight-forwardly if they are searching for additional assistance with life challenges during their job search. I let people know everything is confidential and many of us can relate to the struggles of everyday life, so it is a safe space to share. What they decide to disclose or not is up to them, but that we can best help when we know more about the situation.

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